Quality Management and Environment Management Systems within Agriculture


The immediate advantages for the farmer of having a combined quality and environmental management system will ensure that:

  • He remains abreast of public authority requirements
  • He is on top of all activities
  • He can take part in influencing his own quality and environmental management system
  • He can quickly and easily make adjustments concurrently as changes in the production conditions and or in the authority requirements occur.


Wing Consult has developed an Internetbased (browser structure) special Master Management System - MMS-Agri™ etc. - for agriculture, forestry and horticulture, which is user-friendly and easy to access by all members of staff a. o. through a selective login structure.
The MMS-Agri™ etc. has a built-in mechanism that minimises the number of inevitable malfunctions. Finally, a good quality, environmental and food safety management system like the MMS-Agri™ etc. secures control thanks to its flow diagrams and routines that are customised to each farmer’s special conditions.

Long-term advantages:

  • MMS-Agri™ etc. will provide you with solid documentary proof of what you are doing and of how the elements affect each other
  • You will have solid and systematised documentary proof of your activities in connection with your operation
  • In case of accidents, you will have documentary proof of it being an accident
  • It will enable you to comply with customers’ increasing requirements, as well as social and regulatory requirements, for traceability in the food production
  • Procedures, routines etc. that have previously been put in place collected and arranged in a clear and simple way
  • A well functioning system will form the basis for preparing a realistic company plan
  • Experience has shown that an extensively documented system will stimulate the willingness to fund amongst providers of external funding

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