"Wind Beneath Your Wings"

A common issue facing businesses large and small alike is the danger of developing "tunnel vision" in their everyday business routines.  The incorporation of procedures and systems which seem logical on the surface can prove to potentially be counter-productive in practice.

The ability to step away from an inefficient routine and assess the larger picture is an important aspect of managing a business.  It can assist in the decision making process and in the implementation of systems best suited for the organization.

Enter Wing Consult.  We are dedicated to assisting our customers in effectively tailoring their business processes to their precise needs.  Wing Consult aims to increase the overall quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of our customers via a process based approach to management.

Our consultants at Wing Consult have a wealth of expertise ranging from Quality Management, to Logistics, to Environmental Management and more.  It is our mission to be the veritable wind beneath your wings and help your business soar.

MMS - Master Management System

WMMS enterprise.uk.20

  • QMS Manual (Quality Management System)            

  • Environmental Management Manual

  • Management & Employee Manuals

  • Organizational Manual

  • Sales Management (CRM-module)

  • Service and Maintenance 



Managing Quality and Environment:  
A Common Sense Approach

Many companies have, to a larger or lesser extent, implemented
the basic principles for quality and environmental management
without referring to it as anything other than simple common sense.
Quality management, at its core, is about doing things correct the first time around, but also having a system in place to catch and correct potential mistakes.  
Being able to learn and continuously improve is key.

The Quality Management Standard, ISO 9001:2015 is a particularly practical tool for running a business, regardless of whatever field your company is
involved in. ISO 9001:2015 is a functional management tool which helps businesses turn individual processes into an interconnected system, which
aims to improve flexibility, communication, productivity, and customer satisfaction.  

Wing Consult has a staff of consultants with extensive experience and who specialise in various fields, including extensive familiarity with various
ISO standards.

Several of our consultants are also certified, qualified Lead Auditors (IRCA & IATCA).

We Offer:

  • Estimations of your company’s potential when implementing Quality Management and/or Environmental Management Systems
  • Preparation of certifiable systems (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 22000:2005, ISO/IEC 17020:2012, ASC, MSC,
    GlobalGAP, FAMI-QS, RED and EMAS)
  • Handling of internal as well as external audits
  • General consultancy in the field